Overall financial health
Basic balance
General debt provision
Tax capacity
1Cherkassy region7,29,09,92,7
2Chernihiv region6,36,410,02,4
3Chernivtsi region6,78,88,82,4
4Dnipropetrovsk region3,96,10,05,5
5Donetsk region4,610,00,03,9
6Ivano-Frankivsk region6,26,29,92,5
7Kharkiv region6,69,26,64,0
8Kherson region6,46,68,93,8
9Khmelnytskyi region5,25,78,11,7
10Kirovohrad region6,46,810,02,4
11Kyiv region6,46,110,03,0
12Luhansk region4,07,90,04,1
13Lviv region6,98,09,43,3
14Mykolaiv region6,87,810,02,5
15Odessa region5,33,410,02,5
16Poltava region6,97,610,03,0
17Rivne region2,14,80,21,4
18Sumy region5,83,310,04,0
19Ternopil region7,08,910,02,2
20Vinnytsia region4,84,87,52,1
21Volyn region7,19,310,01,9
22Zakarpattia region6,56,79,92,9
23Zaporizhia region7,38,97,55,5
24Zhytomyr region5,95,810,02,1

The main goal of the project is to provide the public with relevant data on the financial management of oblasts and their largest cities since 2010. We believe that increasing awareness of these figures will improve the financial management of individual municipalities, as the mayors will be driven to do so. With the help of the timelines, each user can compare the pursuits of the mayors to improve the municipality's economy.

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